Without Getting Crushed  by Excess Stress and Fatigue... 
12 Months to Optimize Your Lifestyle for Energy, Health and High Performance

"This is the Most Comprehensive Energy, Health and Performance System Ever Created To Enhance Your Lifestyle and Transform Your Results, Period!"


Less than 1% of the population lives a lifestyle that is both healthy and propels them towards the achievement of their goals
You don't have to settle for being part of the 99%
Performance Lifestyle [PL] 365 will propel you forward, enabling you to perform, look and feel like a much younger person; and achieve even your most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. 
What Previous Performance Lifestyle Clients Had to Say...

Only 3% of people live a basic healthy lifestyle.
This may be because...

Think a Healthy Lifestyle is Hard...

That Means They Have Habits Like...

Do Any of These Sound Familiar? 😉

 It's Time to Replace Unhealthy Habits That Distract and Hold You Back with Healthy Performance Habits that Launch You Forward!

But Why is Living Better So Hard?

3 Common Incomplete  Lifestyles

Typical Lifestyle


Fitness Lifestyle


"Healthy" Lifestyle


Even the best of the "standard" lifestyles is Incomplete

Fitness / Nutrition / Sleep alone are not enough  to beat fatigue, maintain health and stay successful

Today the #1 Cause of Disease is Lifestyle-Induced

    It's excess stress and fatigue that leads to a "downward spiral" often  mistaken for "aging" that few, in the 99%, know how to get out of. 

And while working out, eating healthier and trying to get more sleep are steps in the right direction; the standards are too low for great performance results, and there is more to lifestyle,  (way more) if you want your life to spiral up! 

 PL365 will help you Break the Cycle,  Fill in the Missing Links and Correct Course

How PL365 Can Transform Your Life

  • Start with a complete "roadmap," that will keep you out of the downward spiral
  • Begin resolving the hidden lifestyle challenges, one by one, in 30-day increments. 
  • Feel calm confidence as you learn how to face the fatigue that's distracting and holding you back.
  • Forget what overwhelm feels like when you are no longer suffering from excess stress and tap into the ultimate, anywhere anytime retreat.
  • Find there, the untapped energy you didn't know existed to repower your body/brain.
  • Reach unprecedented levels of motivation as you tap into that energy
  • Learn how to how to actually live in balance, rather than chase work/life balance... 
  • Know what you do, why you do it, and how you do it... so you do it.
  • Get more done in less time, and no longer feel like life is unmanageable.
  • Optimize every aspect of your lifestyle to power, feed, and strengthen your capacity to accomplish and achieve your goals.
  • Develop a healthy high-performance body/brain
  • Become a healthy, high achieving person who thrives

Performance LIfestyle in a Nutshell

Performance Lifestyle is the whole Lifestyle to maintain the Energy, Health, and Performance you need to Succeed

What Is Included With Your Purchase?

12 Performance Lifestyle Training Guides

Monthly deep-dive training detailing every aspect of the lifestyle so you can:

  • Resolve Your Challenges
  • Evolve with the new lifestyle mindset and skill set
  • Achieve your goals!

24 Live Workshops with JAM

Twice a month John Allen Mollenhauer (JAM) will walk you through the lifestyle optimization protocol to look, feel and perform like a much younger person on the path to becoming a healthy, high achiever who thrives!

12 Live Expert Training Sessions 

Once a month JAM will invite a leading expert in the current lifestyle skill, who will dive even deeper and share research and additional insights

BONUS: Reward for Fast Action

available today only


Bonus 1: Private Consultation with JAM, or another Certified Performance Lifestyle Coach (CPLC)  

In your 20-minute strategy session, we’ll go over your present situation and help you set intentions, objectives, and goals for your PL365 training. You can use this at any time during the 12-month training

That's Me (JAM) on the Left in December 2019

$150 Value

Bonus 2: Regeneration - Guide to the Ultimate Transformation

Learn how to increase your capacity to produce more energy than you  ever thought possible in just 8 weeks!

$100 Value

It took nearly 20 years to assemble the Performance Lifestyle Training and Coaching Curriculum so that you could save 20 years or more of your time, energy and money

The Best Results for the Best Price

Normally I (JAM) sell this package for $1,764 ($147 a month), without the $250 in bonus items which you can get if you buy today.  But I want to reach more people so I have authorized a temporary price drop...

Limited Time Price:  $97/ month for 12 months

(save $600!)

You will not find this much value at this price point anywhere else!  In fact, I Guarantee it...

You Will DRAMATICALLY Optimize Your Lifestyle For Energy, Health And Performance And Transform Yourself Into The Energized Pro You Know You Can Be Or I'll Refund Every Single Penny You've Paid

If you complete the full year and participate in the program, and are not satisfied with the changes in your life I will offer a 100% refund on your investment.

Invest in Yourself and Your Future

A few more words from our clients...

I just got back from the doctor. In the past year, I lowered my cholesterol by 30 points, increased my bone density by 8%, and lost a whole size. I increased my activity level to support my interests in outdoor activities, and I even straightened out some structural problems in my spine! I am stronger, more fit, and I don’t even feel like I’m doing much. Amazingly, I am really enjoying myself. What I am doing is totally sustainable and growing at a nice pace

- Jessie Hipolit

A Performance Lifestyle is a lifelong discipline that can build momentum, strength, and commitment. With a positive group of achievers who can be fun, accountable, and instructive, anyone can do it. There will always be new ideas, alternative methods, medicines, nutrition offers, and growing uses of technology that will have both positive and negative impacts on your health and lifestyle. Performance with MyTrainer is the resource and team to keep me at the leading edge of performance capacity

- Paul Hinderlang

I was fortunate enough to meet John Allen over a year ago. As a single mom who works fulltime, travels for my job, cares for my child and my home, and still tries to maintain a consistent workout and eating schedule, I was stretching myself to the limit, and it was showing. I have found that incorporating Performance Lifestyle principles into my daily living has paid off immensely and has given me a greater outlook and more energy to perform to my greater capacity. John Allen has given me a great gift that I will continue to pursue and refine with his input and oversight. John Allen can inspire just about anyone who is willing to listen, process and take some action and responsibility for their healthy living!!

- Heidi Katz

John Allen will show you the greatest lifestyle mindset and skillset strategy on earth as you create a performance lifestyle; the one thing. I highly encourage you take his teletraining series. You will not be disappointed

- Alex Mandossian
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