Learn How to Manage Your Energy. The One Thing Everything Else In Your Life Depends On. 

A Powerful 8-Week Course of Action On the 8 Proven Energy Breakthroughs to Beat Fatigue, Increase Your Vitality, and Naturally Boost Your Performance and Productivity.
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Starts on October 22nd, 2:00 PM EDT

This Course…blew my mind, and then it gave me back my life. It’s been amongst the very best investments I’ve ever made. And life will never be the same again, nor will I. In anticipation of great things…
Lissa Bergen Boles
Radio Talk Show Host
I have some questions for you...

 - Do you often start exercising or training but find yourself unable to keep it up?

 - Do you think you've been "eating clean" but still, you're suffering from inflammation?

 - Do you awaken exhausted in the morning, even if you’ve slept pretty good?

 - Does it take a cup of coffee or more just to get you going in the morning, the afternoon?

 - Do you crave excessive animal protein, sweets, popcorn, chips, caffeinated drinks, and the like?

If you are done with that, or your doctor is ordering multiple blood and metabolic tests, a hoard of supplements, suggesting detox programs, maybe even medications, and yet you are still feeling sluggish, pay close attention

In today's stressful world, most, if not ALL would answer YES to at least one or more of those questions because they all point to circumstances that share one underlying, and common condition across-the-board.

—It's tiredness, that can become constant, and behind-the-scenes exhaustion which, few readily admit to because they think something is wrong with them. 

Tiredness and exhaustion then lead to irritability, insomnia, aches and pains that grow over time, recurring colds and the flu that are becoming more commonplace every year. But it doesn't stop there, as tiredness and exhaustion then develop into more serious energy and health concerns like fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia, obesity, type II diabetes, and the like. 

All of which, crush your capacity to function and perform at the level you're capable of as a working parent, an entrepreneur, business owner or professional...  

Yet, what do most of us do when we're feeling run down, 
worn down and ready for the sideline? 

First, most turn to unhealthy lifestyle habits to stimulate themselves in the face of tiredness, and then search for solutions outside of themselves and their lifestyle, that will make their symptoms go away.

As if, responding to stress and tiredness in ways that ultimately create more stress and fatigue solves the problem. Clearly, it doesn't, and the problem comes back even stronger. 

And, unfortunately, many, if not most of the so-called solutions "out there" are unintentionally "impotent," because they're not dealing with your real problem; the consequence of the overwhelming life virtually all of us deal with today—low personal energy. 

Meanwhile, to beat constant tiredness and fatigue, most of us keep the pedal to the metal to keep going, since at least being super stimulated and productive will make us feel better. That's what we do, but it doesn't solve our tiredness which become fatigue, or the pains fatigue gives rise to, and we just learn to live with it.

Isn't that true?

And have you ever just solved the problem of constant tiredness, with tests, vitamins, eating less or simply better, exercising even more, or extreme work ethic, let alone medications?  

My guess is, probably not.

Which bears asking the natural next question is do you have to live that way, willing yourself to overcome tiredness, the aches and pains that then arise with now declining health, so you can be "successful?"

The accurate answer is no. 

You do not need to tire out, burnout, and wear out, and ultimately trade your health for success. Yet, that's exactly what happens to us, when we're under recuperated and over stimulated in a non-stop strive day in and day out.

But, I'm here to say, that it does not need to be that way for you, and for that statement to be true you've got to have a breakthrough, an energy breakthrough.

Actually, SEVEN of them!



Today, the widespread call to action is to "focus on the cause, not just the symptoms" and rightfully so, as diseases of lifestyle are spiraling out of control. 

The thing is, most of us are not dealing with the original cause, which is OF COURSE NOT the lack, caffeine, foodstuffs, and even more activity. It's not the lack of testing, substances to dynamite your colon into action, expensive supplements, or drugs—which if you took while healthy, would make you sick. 

According the American College of Lifestyle Medicine"85-95% of all chronic diseases from fatigue to cancers, are lifestyle-induced," and lifestyle is and will almost always be the original cause. 

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for supplements and other health-promoting tactical solutions, as needed, but not until you deal with the original cause will you get the results you hope for. 

So, why are so many of us, the highly responsible, driven, high achievers in the room always combating tiredness, and a least a low-grade fatigue? 
It's because you're over stimulating, overexerting, and depleting your vital energy; NOT managing—sourcing, producing, and harnessing your energy effectively. 

Most of us are disconnected from our natural environment and a flow state. We're literally sitting in the dark during the day and stimulating our way through our days with coffee, food, and extreme work ethic, and then lounging in the light during the night as we deal with the numb

To be ready for the next day, we then rely on sleep, that's often cut short due to TV's, movies, and late-night eating... We then wake up and have to will ourselves though the inevitable symptoms—tiredness, exhaustion and an ever-increasing fatigue, weight gain and a deconditioned body that does not feel up to the task.  

Some will then turn to heroic efforts of dieting and exercise, to deal with the most visible symptom (increased weight) and when that doesn't work, psychological self-help to solve a problem that none of the above will ever solve. 

The truth is, no method for dealing with symptoms will ever really work, if you're not first dealing directly with your depleted energy state from what is usually excessive stress (present or from the past). 

And to do that, you must learn how to proactively source, produce and harness energy more proactively than ever before. 

For decades, I had way too much stress in my life and got lost in the symptoms of tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue, which turned into crippling back pain. 

I then chased "impotent solutions,” none of which solved my real problem because they were divorced from the way I was living and my depleted energy state

I thought something was wrong with me!

thought I wasn't eating healthy enough, 
I thought I wasn't exercising enough, and needed to add more miles, more reps, and overall general activity. 
I thought I was missing out on various supplements that were the "missing link, " 
At one point, I thought I actually wasn't motivated enough, when I was as driven as I could be!
thought I needed to take more personal development courses to find out what was wrong with me.


I was misinterpreting tiredness and my growing fatigue! 

 My Constant Tiredness Has Little To Do With Lack of Will Power, a Missing Supplement, Not Exercising Enough or a More Perfect Diet; Let Alone More Personal Development...

Constant tiredness, and ultimately fatigue is always caused by overlooking the fact that it's ENERGY that makes it all happen in your life, not will power...  

     1. I was not proactively recovering, let alone re-sourcing, and managing my energy 

     2. I was not allowing for enough time and space to restore my body. 

     3. I took on more stress than I had the energy for, and fatigue stayed firmly in place.  
Does any of this sound familiar?

It goes without saying that we all need to change, improve, and optimize the way we live, so excess stress does not consume our life force at such an alarmingly fast pace.

That's a given. 

I teach how to do that for a living, so people, like you and me, can better achieve even our most ambitious goals without burning out, or trading our health for success. 

But the first step in doing so, is making sure you are sourcing, recovering and managing the energy you have, really well. 

If you don't, you can safely bet your drive, your motivation to change and how you respond to stress will stay in decline. 

Your exercise will wane, your eating-habits will suffer, you’ll have trouble sleeping, and your drives to succeed will be challenged, again and again.

As an entrepreneur, I lived it first hand, despite being a PRO at nutrition and fitness, and it forced me to figure out how “unlock the full potential of my lifestyle,” starting with an understanding of how to proactively source, produce and harness more energy

Like you, I wanted to function and perform "well," and no longer wrestle so much behind the scenes to keep up with life and work demands, while putting off certain family, sporting  and creative pursuits because I was just too tired after so much output each week.

And it would take me a couple of decades to discover the seven energy breakthroughs which I now turn too when I need a performance boost—a noticeable decrease in fatigue, and an increase in vitality to get productive and start having fun, again. 

Let me repeat, I'm not saying that there isn't a time and place for testing, there is.

Do you need supplements? It's very likely, at some point, based on those tests. 

Do you need to improve the way you eat, and take in less toxic food? I'm pretty sure that's true.  

And be more active? When you have more energy, your desire for activity of all kinds, will dramatically increase.  

And will you benefit from developing personally, of course; personal development is the byproduct of every forward-moving, growth-mindset action you take; and learning from others experience is essential.  

But all of that will fall short, if you don't give attention to the personal energy breakthroughs you need when you need them, as best you can, to ward off constant tiredness, and fatigue.

And that is what the Personal Energy Renewal Course will teach you how to do. 



Manage Your Energy Like a Pro.

The Performance Boost is a live webinar-based course that teaches you how to really boost the performance of your mind and body by responding to stress in ways that create more energy.   

You'll learn the surprisingly simple yet immensely powerful breakthrough energy insights that will lead to doing the right thing, at the right time, and at the right level for you. 

Over 21 days you'll have a trainer and coach to help you and potentially your team make the key changes you/they need to function and perform better as working parents, entrepreneurs, or professionals. 
“John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM" Helped Me Understand How to Genuinely Increase My Energy, So I Now Take the Right Steps to Stay Healthy and Function Better. I Highly Recommend This Course of action!"

- Heidi Katz -

Here's How This 8 Week Program Is Delivered

There are 7 Energy Breakthrough Training Modules that will be delivered through live webinar class. You will receive the schedule upon joining the next PERC.  
Here's what you'll discover in the 7 Energy Breakthroughs

Energy Breakthrough - #1

In this module, you will discover a new view of physical activity and movement, one that is quite different than you have ever experienced before. It’s not about exercise or training; it’s about learning how you can experience more of the energy that you already have.  

By getting into this breakthrough practice, you’ll be able to subjectively assess your current energy levels, establish a benchmark, gauge your progress, and performance increases across all the other breakthroughs. 

Your human performance will always depend on energy in motion, so you know what your needs are.  

Energy Breakthrough - #2

In this module, you’ll discover how to free your energy eating the one class of foods and nutrients that can take your health and performance to a whole new level while eliminating toxins, and initially accelerating excess weight loss. 

You will learn what makes a healthy way of eating “healthy” and how to really reduce and eliminate those foods that are not just compromising your energy and health—in particular your immune system—but your body’s ability to function fully, for long.

This module will take the guesswork out of how you will want to eat for the rest of your life. 

Energy Breakthrough - #3

In this module, you will “tame” the one’ pre-existing condition’ everyone is suffering from that can compromise any aspect of one’s health, performance and life. 

You will learn what this pre-existing condition is, how it’s undermining every one of your health and success initiatives, and what it takes to get free of, significantly reduce or prevent yourself from getting deep into this “Debt.” 

You will also learn how to assess your capacity and the recovery steps you need to take.  

Energy Breakthrough - #4

In this module, you will learn to take the contrarian [smart] approach to tiredness and fatigue that will enable you to stay vital. 

Tiredness and fatigue have been passed off as something that you can “beat” when the truth is, you can’t beat either; you can only minimize these conditions to roughly 30-60% of your waking life while maintaining approximately 33% of each day at peak energy.   

When you are hungry you eat, when you are thirsty you drink, but when you are tired, eating and drinking do not solve that problem. 

Get ready to learn what creates more peak energy. 

Energy Breakthrough - #5

In this module, you will learn about what’s at the source of personal energy renewal, which, like food, isn’t sourced by the body; you need the raw materials for energy production and to know how to source it. 

When you proactively source energy, you’re life and style of living it will change for the better. And for maybe the first time, you'll start resolving the original cause of just about every mental/health, and performance challenge driven people face.  

By the end of this module, you'll be fully aware of what enables you to make the most robust changes, improvements, and optimizations in your life from establishing new habits to achieving new goals.  

Energy Breakthrough - #6

In this module, you will learn how to employ six recuperation strategies to regenerate your energy, clean and heal your body-brain, and create space for your life, no matter how much time you have available. 

To date, most of us have relied on stimulants, excessive work ethic and exercise, and over-fueling our bodies, on top of limited sleep to get by; as most people don’t know much about energy and how you manage it to function and perform well. That’s about to change. 

By the end of this module, your priorities will change, because you’ll finally know where your personal power comes from.   

Energy Breakthrough - 7 

In this module, you will learn that energy has to be managed if you want any aspect of your life and work style to be dependable, and your strength, health, and performance to be reliable

Your energy levels ebb and flow throughout the workday. Are you taking advantage of peak times to get things done? You'll discover and begin implementing the daily and weekly schedule templates that balanced and healthy, high-achieving people know and live. 

By the end of this module, you’ll have a re-prioritization of what's most important in your life. 

Bonus - Energy Breakthrough 8

You'll now know what it takes to experience a genuine boost in your performance, but you can’t just focus on the biological; you have to deal with the world of stresses bearing down on you that are sucking up your life force.

In this module, you will learn The Five Core Essentials of Human Performance© that will help you create a healthy-driven lifestyle that works for you, not against you, to achieve your ambitious goals.  

If you're ready to set yourself up for success in a lifestyle that builds on the foundation you’ve learned and grounded in experience here; then it's time to start managing your energy like a pro and master your response to stress.  

It’s the start of living a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own.  

After 2 years of consulting experts in various fields and receiving no improvement to my condition of Chronic Fatigue, I finally spoke with JAM and explained my frustration and lack of Improvement.

In 20 Minutes John Not Only Identified The Root Of My Problem But He Gave Me A Solution That In A Matter Of 3 Weeks Began To Drastically Improve My Condition. He Described How Healthy People Like Me Get Caught In This And Sometimes Never Escape Without Proper Rest And Time. It Is Now 8 Months Later And My Health And Energy Level Is The Best It Has Been In Years. Thanks, John I Think You Saved My Life….

Matthew D. Miglin
The Voice Of Prosperity, Publishing Expert Performance Mag NJ

Here's What You Will Get In The 21-Day Course


Bonus #1:

Wow I Thought I was 
Eating Healthy! Discover the 9 Healthier Diet Tactics That Are Causing You to Gain Weight, Drain Your Energy and Age Faster
—ebook by 
John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM"    

Bonus #2:

Energy4Life- How to Charge Your Body Battery and Optimize Your Control System 
—ebook by
Harry Massey     


Bonus #3:

 The 21 Science-Backed Benefits of Red Light Therapy- What is Red Light Therapy? Benefits. Side Effects and How to Use it.
 —ebook by
Ari Whitten 

Bonus #4:

Anatomy of a Comeback. Break in, Break-through, Break-out... Break-away  —ebook by 7 Stage Advisors' Carl Gould and Chuck Goetschel

Here’s What You Can Expect from The Personal Energy Renewal Course

  • You will not have to spend countless hours trying to get to the heart of the matter, we've done that work for you. Rather, you'll learn how to apply. 
  • This is a course, not a program you have to "stick to." It's flexibly designed to apply to you and your situation, so you take the action items that matter most to you right now
  • ​You will be motivated to make change and boost your performance because you'll have more energy to do it
  • Everyone is in training, so you don't have to feel like you're just a beginner. Everyone is when it comes to mastering energy for health and performance. 
  • You'll build momentum towards making the most essential lifestyle changes we all need to make in 2020 and beyond if we're going to survive and thrive. 
  • ​You don't have to worry about failing. It's your lifestyle we're talking about, you just keep changing, improving and optimizing it. We'll show you how. 
  • ​You will save a lot of time, energy and money

Let's do this

Over the next 21 days, I'll help you start responding to stress and fatigue in ways that don't create more stress and fatigue and now start creating genuine and generous energy reserves. 

I'll help you make the energy breakthroughs that give you personal energy renewal like you've never experienced before. 

You want your zest and zeal back, so let's get it back!

John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM" 
Performance Lifestyle Coach, Author, Entrepreneur. 
Founder, RegenUs Centers. 

Now is the Time to Make Vital Changes
that make all the difference for your energy, health, and performance!

 Starts on October 22nd 2:00 PM EDT

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