Let's Invest In Your Health, Resilience & Immunity Strength!

As a leading Lifestyle Performance Expert, John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM" recently battled Covid-19 and came back stronger than ever to lead this program!

Live Webinar Series Or On-Demand 

JUNE 8th, 1:00 PM EDT

The Lifestyle Boost Program

Supercharge Your Health, Resilience & Immunity Strength 

16 Day Online Program - $78 (less than $5 per day)

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"This Program Has Helped Me Understand How To Renew My Energy Effectively And STOP Feeling So Tired All The Time. I Highly Recommend it!"

 - Heidi Katz - 

Hey, my name is John Allen Mollenhauer (Jam) and I recently recovered from Covid-19 and it was very challenging time. 

Yes, even a health expert like me was prone to the infection because I crossed paths with the virus when my immune system was compromised from stress, fatigue and depleted energy-something most people face everyday!
I want you to learn from my knowledge and experience, so you can help put the odds in your favor to avoid and reduce the chances of catching any virus and to help you boost a healthier lifestyle. 
I would like to invite you to our-16 day The Lifestyle Boost Program and rapidly increase your immunity, overall health and learn the proven strategies for improving your lifestyle in proactive and natural ways. 
For just $78 (less than $5 per day) I will personally guide your 16 day program to immediately help boost your immunity and overall health with a plan you can sustain.

Our Lifestyle Boost Program Offers a Simple and Proven Solution to Improve Your Immunity, Health and Resilience!

Let us help you discover...

1. Where You Are Now?

2. What You Need to Know?

3. What You Need to Do?
It's that simple. In 16 days, we will help you supercharge your lifestyle and get you to the next level of health and vitality.
Here are the key areas you will not only learn about but how you will incorporate these healthy strategies into your own lifestyle boost!

Eat Nutrient Rich 

You will learn what it means to eat a nutrient-rich, "healthy diet" and how to eliminate and reduce those foods that are nutrient-poor. You will know the top foods to focus on eating up to 90% of the time or more for a robust immune system, health, and a resilient body.

Overcome Chronic Exhaustion and Fatigue 

You will learn why fatigue is a pre-existing condition and how you can assess your own energy capacities. You will learn practical steps you can take to reverse chronic fatigue and exhaustion and avoid their unhealthy consequences. 

Embrace Tiredness to Become More Energetic

You will learn how to handle tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue at any stage of energy depletion. You will discover what's causing tiredness in your life and how to energize yourself in healthy ways.   

Source Your Energy from the Right Places

You will learn about proactive recovery and how to source your energy in new and enjoyable ways that no longer deepen and prolong fatigue.  

Manage Your Energy 

You will learn how to manage your energy as if your body was a battery. You will discover how to fuel your body with the right kind of power at the right time. This will help strengthen your immune system as you stop looking for energy in all the wrong places.

Maximize Your Recuperation

You will learn how to boost your lifestyle by helping you understand the nature of “energy debt” and you will have a systemic approach to resolve it. You will discover how to master every aspect of recuperation with healthy-sourced energy. 

Optimize Your Response to Stress

As you begin to incorporate strategies for a stronger immunity and a healthier path, you will learn how to shape a lifestyle that works for you, not against you. You will have the tools you need to respond to stress in ways that don't create a cycle of more stress, but rather, more healthy energy. 

Here’s What You Can Expect in The Lifestyle Boost Program

  • You will not have to spend countless hours learning
  • This course is flexibly designed to apply to you and your situation
  • ​You will be motivated to make change with real support
  • ​You will have a forum to have your questions answered
  • ​This course will not be a waste of your time!
Now is the time to make lifestyle changes
that will make all the difference for your health!

Course starts on June 8th 1:00 PM EDT

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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